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Custom Spice Blending Program

Do you have a custom seasoning recipe that you would like blended to sell?   Michlitch Company would like to help you with that endevor.  When a spice blend is made for you, procedures are put into place to assure that the product sold is only to you.  If you have a recipe and would like us to mix and/or package it for you, we will sign a nondisclosure agreement with you to ensure that your recipe will be kept confidential and will not be used to sell your product to any other customer.  If the recipe belongs to you that is because you gave it to us or we developed the recipe for you.  That recipe is never given out.

If you do not have a recipe and wish us to develop one for you, we, through trial and error, will put together a spice blend and send it to you for approval.  We do not sign a nondisclosure agreement on this because you have given us nothing to disclose.  The recipes that we develop are our trade secrets.  If the recipe was not given to us by you, the customer, then the recipe is ours.  We will call that recipe yours in order to assure that the product will not be sold to anyone else. In the event the situation should occur that you no long want or can't use this recipe then, we reserve the right to package and sell that product under our label.

For more information on procedure, costs and minimums under this program, please contact us at (509) 624-1490.

Here are some of the satisfied clients that we mix custom blend seasonings for.

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