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Casing Collagen 26mm Clear
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Casing Collagen 26mm Clear
SKU: 120-0016
Brand: Michlitch

HOT DOG SIZE! Introducing our line of tough but tender Collagen Casings for fresh and smoked sausages. Collagen Casings are an alternative to natural hog and sheep casings, especially when portion control is needed. They're ideal for breakfast links, slim jims, pepperoni, snack sticks, German, Polish, etc.

Collagen Casings are gaining in popularity among home-sausage makers. But it's important to know that Collagen Casings do not stretch like natural casings, so they must not be overfilled or they can burst while filling, and you cannot link them. The benefit to these are that no preparation is necessary and they are easier to chew. For the best results, store unused Collagen Casings in a refrigerator in an airtight container.

One strand of 26mm Collagen Casing will hold about 25 lbs of meat.
*Note: 26mm casings do not stretch and will only fit on a stuffing tube with a 1/2" or smaller outlet!

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